Clos Brun Mazeyres

In 1906, Jean and Firmin Vedrenne left their native Corrèze to follow in the footsteps of their older brother, Léonard, by working together to sell wine, especially in the north of France and in Wallonia (Belgium). Succeeding in their endeavours, they named their business “Vedrenne Frères, négociants-voyageurs” and purchased Clos Brun Mazeyres in Pomerol in 1924. René Vedrenne took over the négociant firm, which he transformed into one of the largest in Libourne, and restructured the vineyard at Clos Brun Mazeyres, which he continues to manage today.

The average age of the vines is over 30 years old. The vineyard consists of two plots of less than one hectare each. This enables the vines to be looked after with special care and attention. The sandy-gravel soil on Pomerol’s lower terrace features a subsoil rich in crasse de fer (ironpan) that makes Clos Brun Mazeyres both smooth and vigorous.

Sand, gravel, and crasse de fer (ironpan)

Grape varieties
85% Merlot – 15% Cabernet Franc – vines an average age of 35 years

Hand picking

Fermentation in temperature-controlled vats

Partially in barrel

At the Château  Area under vine: 1.5 Hectares

The Vedrenne family